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Copernic Summarizer can create summaries of texts
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Copernic Summarizer can create shorter versions of texts. According to the developers, it uses sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms to identify the most important concepts and extract the most significant sentences.

This program’s interface makes it easy to use. In fact, only two actions are necessary for you to get a summary of the desired text. The first step is opening the file to summarize. In this respect, the program supports web pages, Word documents, PDF files and text files. Unfortunately, it does not support DOCX documents. A solution for unsupported formats may be to copy the desired text to the clipboard and then paste it to the program´s text panel. Just by entering the text, you will get a summary of 25% of the original file length. However, you can also change the summarized version’s length by defining the target percentage or number of words. Additionally, you will get a list of the most important concepts present in the text. Another way to obtain summaries is by using the Summarize menu item integrated into such applications as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, Outlook Express, Eudora, Microsoft Word, and Outlook. Moreover, you can also use a floating bar to which you can drag a text to automatically obtain a summary of it. Finally, you can export your summary to different formats or send it via e-mail.

When tested, this program was able to generate comprehensive and meaningful summaries. It can also detect languages automatically as it supports four major languages at present. I hope more languages are incorporated in the near future.

Copernic Summarizer can help you increase your productivity when working with long texts. In this respect, it can become an important aid for students who need to grasp the most important aspects from several pages. It can also help scholars doing bibliography research for their current projects.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It creates really meaningful summaries of texts
  • It supports various languages
  • It supports various document types
  • It integrates with several applications


  • It does not support DOCX files
  • Some important languages are still unsupported
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